Sermon Recordings

Below is a list of the Sunday morning sermons. Any sermon with an icon can be listened to simply by clicking on it. You can also watch many of the sermons by clicking on the video link or by checking out the RBC YouTube channel. If you are familiar with podcasting and wish to subscribe to the podcast, you can use this link with any podcasting program. If you are using iTunes you can view or subscribe to the podcast here.

01/14/18Lew DawsonWhat is the Church part 3-Love is The Goal (1Tm 1:3-17)mp3 6.5M
01/07/18Rick FosterWhat is the Church part 2-Dig Deep Then Build Up (Jhn 17:15-18)mp3 7.7M
12/31/17Rick FosterWhat is the Church-Consult the Manual (Act 2:42-47)mp3 8.4M
12/24/17Rick FosterWelcome to Our World-DYHWIH part 4 (Lke 2:8-15)mp3 6.7M
12/17/17Rick FosterYou Can't be Serious!-DYHWIH part 3 (Mtt 1:18-25)mp3 7.2M
12/10/17Rick FosterYou Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet-DYHWIH part 2 (Lke 1:26-38)mp3 8.1M
12/03/17Rick FosterNews Too Good to Be True-Do You Hear What I Hear Part 1 (Lke 1:5-25)mp3 8.1M
11/26/17Rick FosterI wanna Know for Sure! LWCL part 7 (Eph 1:13-14)mp3 7.8M
11/19/17Rick FosterOur Radical Definition-LWCL Part 6 (Eph 1:11-12)mp3 8.1M
11/12/17Rick FosterDoes it Make Sense? LWCL part 5 (Eph 1:8-10)mp3 8.2M
11/05/17Rick FosterStuck Ducks-LWCL part 4 (Eph 1:7-8a)mp3 8.7M
10/29/17Rick FosterWanting in But Feeling Out LWCL Part 3 (Eph 1:5-6)mp3 9.6M
10/22/17Rick Foster3 Life-Giving Words-LWCL part 2 (Eph 1:3-4)mp3 8.2M
10/15/17Rick FosterThere is something More- (Jhn 10:10)mp3 7.9M
10/08/17Erik KeelingLessons From Malawi (Php 4:10-13)mp3 11M
10/01/17Lew DawsonCultivating Hope (Lam 3)mp3 6.9M
09/24/17Dan BliedThe Five Solas-Reformation Anniversary! Filemp3 10.8M
09/17/17Rick FosterMoney Matters Matter-Joy in Our Journey Part 16 (Php 4:10-20) Filemp3 8M
09/10/17Rick FosterPeace Under Pressure-Joy in Our Journey Part 15 (Php 4:4-9) Filemp3 8.3M
09/03/17Rick FosterOur Conflict with Conflict-Joy in our Journey part 14 (Php 4:2) Filemp3 7.7M
08/27/17Shane DiLisiSharing a Common Life Filemp3 9.9M
08/20/17Rick FosterDo I Need a Red Tie? Joy in our Journey Part 13 (Php 3:17) Filemp3 8.3M
08/13/17Rick FosterSaints and Sap-Joy in the Journey part 12-Sidebar Sermon (Php 3) Filemp3 9.2M
08/06/17Pastor Rick FosterMoving Forward-Joy in our Journey Part 11 (Php 3:12-16) Filemp3 8.1M
07/30/17Pastor Rick FosterThe Best or Nothing-Finding Joy in Our Journey Part 10 (Php 3:7-11) Filemp3 10M
07/23/17Pastor Rick FosterShoot the Chicken!-Finding Joy in Our Journey Part 9 (Php 3:1-6) Filemp3 9.8M
07/09/17Pastor Rick FosterWorld Flippers-Finding Joy in Our Journey Part 8 (Php 2:19-30) Filemp3 7.7M
07/02/17Pastor Rick FosterFinding Joy in Our Journey part 7 - A Superhero Faith (Php 2:12-18) Filemp3 8.9M
06/25/17Pastor Rick FosterHow Low Will You Go? part 2-Finding Joy in our Journey part 6 (Php 2:8-11) Filemp3 8.4M
06/18/17Pastor Rick FosterHow Low Will You Go?-Finding Joy in our Journey part 5 (Php 2:5-7) Filemp3 7.3M
06/11/17Pastor Rick FosterBoys in the Boat-Joy in our Journey part 4 (Php 2:1-4) Filemp3 7.1M
06/04/17Pastor Rick FosterBad Weather Believers-Finding Joy in Our Journey Part 3 (Php 1:12-30) Filemp3 7.9M
05/28/17Pastor Rick FosterAn Out-of-Body Joy-Finding Joy in Our Journey part 2 (Php 1:3-11) Filemp3 8.8M
05/21/17Pastor Rick FosterTell Your Face! Finding Joy in Our Journey (Php 1:1-2) Filemp3 8.5M
05/14/17Pastor Lew Dawson21 Days of Prayer Part 4 Pray Like Paul! (Eph 3:14-19) Filemp3 8.8M
05/07/17Pastor Rick Foster21 Days of Prayer Part 3 When Lord? When? (Lke 18) Filemp3 8.7M
04/30/17Pastor Rick FosterRule-Breaking Prayer (Lke 11) Filemp3 8.5M
04/23/17Pastor Rick Foster21 days of Prayer-The Pinnacle to Pit Drop (2Ch 7:11-15)mp3 9M
04/16/17Pastor Rick FosterWhat's Dawning on You?-Easter 2017 (Jhn 20)mp3 25.5M
04/14/17Pastor Rick FosterGood Friday-When Dreams Crash and Burn (Jhn 19)mp3 5M
04/09/17Pastor Rick FosterWhen Hard Cases Crack (Mrk 15:33-39)mp3 7.8M
04/02/17Pastor Rick FosterLoyalty and Loneliness (Jhn 19:25-27) Filemp3 8.7M
03/26/17Pastor Rick FosterFish or Cut Bait! (Jhn 18:28-19:16)mp3 8.7M
03/19/17Pastor Rick FosterDo a Background Check (Rth 4:13-22)mp3 7.6M
03/12/17Pastor Rick FosterEat My Dust! (Rth 4:1-12) Filemp3 7.9M
03/05/17Bruce McDonaldKeeping Missionaries on the Field mp3 9.7M
02/26/17Pastor Rick FosterReady, Lights Out, Action! (Rth 3:1-18) Filemp3 8.7M
02/19/17Pastor Rick FosterFinding Hope When Feeling Helpless (Rth 2) Filemp3 9.5M
02/12/17Pastor Rick FosterWhen God Reels Us In (Rth 1:1-22) Filemp3 8.5M
02/05/17Pastor Rick FosterMy Story His Story- What a Story! Ruth Overview (Rth 1:1) Filemp3 7.5M
01/29/17Pastor Rick FosterTransition (Isa 43:16-21) Filemp3 8.6M
01/22/17Pastor Rick FosterHydrate or Die! (Jhn 4:1-18) Filemp3 8M
01/15/17Dan BliedA Model For Ministry (1Th 1-3)mp3 11.5M
01/08/17Dan BliedHow Churches Begin And Flourish (1Th 1)mp3 11M
01/01/17Dan BliedWhat God Looks For In a Church (1Th 1:1-3)mp3 9.3M
12/25/16Shane DiLisiThe Child of Prophecy and Peace (Isa 9:6) Filemp3 9.3M
12/18/16Nathan ReamBiblical Communication (Eph 4) Filemp3 8.9M
12/11/16Erik KeelingThe Goodness of the Gospel (Rom 5:6-11) Filemp3 8.7M
12/04/16Lew DawsonThe Christian's Warfare Part 3 (Eph 6:16-17) Filemp3 8.2M
11/27/16Lew DawsonThe Christian's Warfare Part 2 (Eph 6:14-15)mp3 8.3M
11/20/16Pastor Rick FosterWhite Knuckles (Jer 6:16) Filemp3 8.5M
11/13/16Lew DawsonThe Christian's Warfare Part 1 (Eph 6:10-13) Filemp3 7.6M
11/06/16Dan BliedGood Decisions for Gray Areas Filemp3 12.3M
10/30/16Dan BliedCircle of Responsibility mp3 9.3M
10/23/16Mike JonesJesus Restores Peter (Jhn 21:15) Filemp3 7.7M
10/16/16Shane DiLisiThe Fruit of True Repentance (2Co 7:11-13) Filemp3 10.5M
10/09/16Shane DiLisiTrue Repentance-Part 1 (2Co 7) Filemp3 10.3M
10/02/16Erik KeelingPrayer Examined (Mtt 6:5-13) Filemp3 9.5M
09/25/16Nathan Ream2 Peter 1:1-15 Part 2 (2Pe 1:1-15)mp3 8.9M
09/18/16Nathan Ream2 Peter 1:1-15 Part 1 (2Pe 1:1-15) Filemp3 8.9M
09/11/16Lew DawsonHandling Trouble (Psa 63) Filemp3 6.3M
09/04/16Mike JonesPaul's Joyful Remembrance and Prayer (Php 1) Filemp3 5.9M
08/28/16Dan BliedForgiveness mp3 6.9M
08/21/16Erik KeelingUnity in The Church mp3 7.5M
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