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    The Secret of Contentment

    5/1/20 | Encouragement | by Jason Swanson

    I have been thinking a lot about contentment lately.  The Oxford Dictionary defines contentment as a “state of happiness and satisfaction”.   If “being happy” was all that there was to contentment...

      Do You Eagerly Await Christ's Coming?

      4/1/20 | Encouragement | by Shane DiLisi

      Do YOU eagerly await the coming of Christ? And I don’t mean: Do you believe in the doctrine? Do you eagerly await him? Have you thought about the second coming of Christ today? The anticipation of his coming is the evidence of his...

        Under Construction

        11/1/19 | Encouragement | by Tom Marsala

        There has been a lot of construction going on down the street from us this year.  The one thing that always amazes me is how much time is spent on leveling and grading.  It is a pretty important part of the deal before they set the...

          The Three R's of the Christian Life

          9/1/19 | Encouragement | by Ralph Loper

          We are currently in the warm, lazy days of summer. This is when we get to enjoy the great outdoors camping and fishing in the mountains, enjoying the sand and surf at the beach, swimming some laps in the pool on a hot day, taking the family...

            Personal Preferences

            5/1/19 | Encouragement | by Howie Klein

            "Personal preferences are specific likes and dislikes of an individual human. Special attention should be paid to each individual's preferences, as they can have a large influence on the decisions that person makes and how they behave. Over the...

              Encouragement from Haggai

              10/1/18 | Encouragement | by Lew Dawson

              The leaders of Judah and a small band of workers had gathered to survey the arrangement of large stones which was the foundation of the new temple.  After sixteen years of neglect, these rocks were largely obscured by weeds. A few in this...