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    Pure and Undefiled Religion

    2/1/20 | Love | by Erik Keeling

    It’s often easy for us as Christians to use the phrase, “Christianity isn’t a religion it’s a relationship” And I definitely understand the intent behind the phrase.  However, scripture is clear that...

      Living Hope

      4/1/19 | Hope | by Erik Keeling

      As I thought about what I should focus my article on for the month of April, there were many wonderful options that came to mind. I considered sharing about our new community groups (which has been a huge blessing to me after only one meeting by...

        An Easter Message

        4/4/18 | Easter | by Erik Keeling

        April 1st was Easter, the most significant day of the year for God’s children.  It’s significant because it is the culmination of Jesus’ earthly ministry.  After spending the last 3 years of His life pouring into and...