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    Jesus, the Great Connector

    3/1/19 | Community | by Steve Norris

    What an honor it is to write this month’s article with the timing of the launch of our new Community Groups. They are designed to bring people together for strengthening relationships, connections, and belonging. Engagement is the key...

      The Need for Community and Fellowship

      2/1/19 | Community | by Jason Swanson

      Have you ever considered... God has created us to have fellowship with Him and with others rather than simply existing by ourselves?    Have you ever noticed the emphasis in the Bible on a group of believers rather than...

        Our God Owns the Holidays!

        1/1/19 | New Years | by Brad Braley

        I love this time of year! I start playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving. I enjoy time off from work, spending time with family and friends, going to Christmas concerts and Christmas parties (Yes! if there aren’t too many party...

          The Importance of the Virgin Birth

          12/1/18 | Christmas | by Jason Swanson

          I love Christmas.  I love the lights, the songs and most of all, the nativity scenes.  I love to see vivid pictures of the birth of our Lord in different sizes, shapes, colors and arrangements.  But what if Christ hadn’t...

            Direct Variation

            11/1/18 | Worship | by Tom Marsala

              Direct Variation: “A relationship between two variables in which one is a scalar multiple of the other.” You may remember your algebra well enough to visualize this relationship.  One variable is a multiple of...