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    Church Isn't Where We Go. It's Who We Are!

    3/1/18 | by Steve Norris

    The church is what God uses to grow us and use our gifts for His glory. It’s how we encourage in Christian love the family of God. The church matters. Jesus chose it to show the world His love toward us. We were never meant to live our...

      Is It Possible to Not Know What You Know?

      2/1/18 | by Rick Foster

      The New Testament gives us two different words for the term “know”. The first is oida (oi,da). It means to know in the sense of having mental information. So, it describes our ability as humans to understand, to grasp meaning, or to...

        What Do You Expect?

        1/2/18 | by Brad Braley

        Please pardon my repetition.  Recently, Pastor Rick encouraged us in his teaching with Romans 8:32: "He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all...


          12/1/17 | by Tom Marsala

          We all have scar stories.  We can glance down at our arm and see a scar from a wound we received some 30 years ago and memories flood into our mind of that particular event.  In 2013 I had surgery to fix some stuff in my abdomen. ...

            Unity Amongst Diversity Is a Work of the Spirit!

            11/1/17 | by Julie Gustine

            I think we can all agree that many times in our lives we encounter challenges that seem beyond our ability to understand, beyond our ability to overcome, beyond our ability to “fix.” If we are honest, that challenge quite often is...