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    Perpetual Advent

    1/1/20 | New Years | by Brad Braley

    Change. We are surrounded by change.  Sometimes we pursue it; sometimes it pursues us. If you think back over the past year or so, you likely can think of many ways in which change impacted your day-to-day activities as well as your...

      Good News of Great Joy

      12/1/19 | Christmas | by Jason Swanson

      Doesn’t everyone love to hear good news?  I don’t believe there are too many people alive today who would not be ecstatic to hear that they were just given a million dollars.  Without question, that would probably be...

        Under Construction

        11/1/19 | Encouragement | by Tom Marsala

        There has been a lot of construction going on down the street from us this year.  The one thing that always amazes me is how much time is spent on leveling and grading.  It is a pretty important part of the deal before they set the...

          The Three R's of the Christian Life

          9/1/19 | Encouragement | by Ralph Loper

          We are currently in the warm, lazy days of summer. This is when we get to enjoy the great outdoors camping and fishing in the mountains, enjoying the sand and surf at the beach, swimming some laps in the pool on a hot day, taking the family...