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    6/1/19 | by Shane DiLisi

    Do you remember your transition from elementary school to middle school?  This was a big transition for me. I remember having more classrooms to travel to, greater freedom at lunch, and the ability to choose my elective classes.  I...

      Personal Preferences

      5/1/19 | Encouragement | by Howie Klein

      "Personal preferences are specific likes and dislikes of an individual human. Special attention should be paid to each individual's preferences, as they can have a large influence on the decisions that person makes and how they behave. Over the...

        Living Hope

        4/1/19 | Hope | by Erik Keeling

        As I thought about what I should focus my article on for the month of April, there were many wonderful options that came to mind. I considered sharing about our new community groups (which has been a huge blessing to me after only one meeting by...

          Jesus, the Great Connector

          3/1/19 | Community | by Steve Norris

          What an honor it is to write this month’s article with the timing of the launch of our new Community Groups. They are designed to bring people together for strengthening relationships, connections, and belonging. Engagement is the key...