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    Unending Grace

    7/1/20 | Grace | by Mike Peay

    How have you been holding up? Getting by day to day can be challenging even in the best of times. Given how this year has gone, I’m sure that each of us has had moments of frustration, confusion, anxiety, and concern. It’s only...

      The Secret of Contentment

      5/1/20 | Encouragement | by Jason Swanson

      I have been thinking a lot about contentment lately.  The Oxford Dictionary defines contentment as a “state of happiness and satisfaction”.   If “being happy” was all that there was to contentment...

        Do You Eagerly Await Christ's Coming?

        4/1/20 | Encouragement | by Shane DiLisi

        Do YOU eagerly await the coming of Christ? And I don’t mean: Do you believe in the doctrine? Do you eagerly await him? Have you thought about the second coming of Christ today? The anticipation of his coming is the evidence of his...

          Pure and Undefiled Religion

          2/1/20 | Love | by Erik Keeling

          It’s often easy for us as Christians to use the phrase, “Christianity isn’t a religion it’s a relationship” And I definitely understand the intent behind the phrase.  However, scripture is clear that...